What Is Your Skin Tone?

Knowing your skin tone is very important to choose the right color which suits your skin tone. Choosing a wrong foundation shade or a blush can make you look like a clown. The foundation shade must match your skin tone to create a smooth texture of your skin and give you a flawless look by minimizing your skin imperfection. Skin tone plays an important role in doing a flawless makeup.

Here are the two ways to determine your skin tone:

Things You Need: You require a cleanser, a soft towel, a large mirror, piece of silver and gold foil or piece of silver and gold cloth.

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser. Pat dry. Do not apply any skin care product like toner or moisturizer. Wait for 15 minutes.
  2.  Now, take a piece of silver foil and gold foil of your face size or at least half size of it [You can replace silver and gold foil by a piece of silver and gold cloth]. Now, hold the foil one by one or together in front of your face and look into a large mirror by placing it where you can find direct lighting [Except florescent lighting].
  3. With the right color metal foil your face will glow while with the wrong one your face will look grayish.
  4. If silver suits your skin, you’re “COOL” skin toned.
  5. If gold suits your skin, you’re “WARM” skin toned.

Things You Need: Clean and bare face just like above, a mirror and a white piece of paper.

  1. Look into a mirror by holding a piece of paper to your face.
  2.  Now, check whether your face looks yellow, if yes then you belong “WARM” skin tone.
  3. If your face looks rosy-pink or bluish red, then your skin tone is “COOL”.

These are the easy tricks to do at home and funny too so enjoy them and determine your skin tone by yourself. Now, you can choose your makeup stuff according to your skin tone. Choose your makeup palette, blush foundation etc according to the skin tone as enhance your beauty.

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