Beauty Tips: Face Beauty Tips For Men

Today I am going to discuss about Beauty Tips For Men. This post is especially for those who keep disbelief that Beauty is only important to Women. So, let me tell you that lot of researches and surveys shows that Men too are concerned about their looks. I believed more on this when I observed few of my male friends saying “Are kitni dhoop hai me kaala ho jaunga” and one of my male friend always questions me and my friend “Tell me the secret of your fairness even I will try it”!! These two lines made us laugh and surprised but, then there is a truth which says boys or men are equally concerned for their beauty and looks as women are. If they are not why lots of commercial ads of fairness cream and face wash are taking place. Remember, Shahrukh Khan saying “Are kabtak ladkiyo wali fairness cream lagaoge?” Shahid kapoor’s ad and now John Abraham has come up with the new fairness cream with matte effect. The way they want a macho and masculine look, same way they are concerned about their skin as well.

Most of the time due to shyness and lack of knowledge about beauty regimen guys never takes much care of them which results into embarrassment in public or in friends group or in front of your female friends. Trust me guys beauty or grooming tips are not only for women you too have a right to look good and feel good about yourself. I will discuss and try my best to share useful and beneficial posts on my blog to help you all. Let’s, start from today itself. J

Today, I will share some beauty tips for your face which is most noticeable wherever you go.

  1. Try to keep your face clean as much as you can. Stop using all purpose soap which you use for your body. Facial skin needs extra care so you should opt for a good face wash which is chemical free and helps in removing dirt from your face.
  2. Keep a handkerchief handy to wipe that sweat on your forehead and face as it attracts more dirt and clogs your pores which results in bad acne.
  3. After spending a whole day under sun or after doing a work out in gym, wash your face after coming home or take a bath which will make you feel fresh and clean.
  4. Make a habit of applying sunscreen as men have to spend more time outside compare to women so, protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. It guards your skin from sun damage, maintains your natural complexion, texture of your skin and prevents early ageing of your skin.
  5. Use a good oil free moisturizer which is gel based or water based for your face to keep your facial skin soft.
  6. If you have problem of dry or chapped lips then, opt for a lip balm which is transparent. Many brands sell lip balm for men you can try from Oriflame and Nivea Brand. If you’re still shy to use the lip balm then get an extra moisturizing lip balm and apply it before you go to sleep. It will work on your lips when you’re sleeping or massage your lips using natural oils like coconut or almond oil.
  7. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from your body and keep your system clean to get a healthy and youthful skin. Treat your face acne well, don’t use too much chemical products as it can aggravate your acne problem. If it’s too much do visit a dermatologist.
  8. Exfoliate your face with a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin on your face. Don’t be too abrasive while exfoliating it. Exfoliation gives your face a polished look as it removes the dead skin and dirt from your skin and helps to minimize the whiteheads and blackheads on your face. After this step moisturize your face with a light moisturizer or opt for a gel based moisturizer as it gives cooling effect to your skin.
  9. Shaving makes your face rough. But, if did it properly it will add extra points to your personality. Use good quality shaving cream and aftershave lotion. For a hassle free shaving exfoliate your face one day before you are about to shave as it open up the pores and take those hairs out of your skin which are hiding under your skin but are still visible.
  10. Wet your beard with warm water to soften the hair, and massage with a shaving cream or shaving foam and for few minutes on your beard. Then, shave with a high quality blade change the blades often as dull blade can give you cuts. After this opt for a good cooling after shave lotion for a handsome look.

Try these tips and do let me know whether it helped you or not and if you want me to do a post about something specific or answer your query do mention in your comments or shoot me a mail, I will be happy to help you guys!!