Beauty Tips: Tips For Acne

How To Get Rid Of Acne My Own Experience

Few years back I was suffering from acne on my forehead, it was a disaster. If one disappeared another two-three were ready to pop up. I did lots of things to cure, tried lots of beauty tips as well. But, nothing worked out for me. Then, one of my friend noticed and asked me to follow something, which I did and I am damn happy with the results. I did not apply anything, did not follow any beauty regimen, did not go to dermatologist, did not consume anything special. I just followed my friends instruction which worked for her and me as well.

Now, I will share it with you. I will be very happy if it helps someone. I used to wash my hair by taking my them in front and apply shampoo and conditioner. Check the picture below for reference, this is the way I used to wash my hair. This was the main cause for forehead acne, few pimples on my face and ugly marks on my forehead which were getting severe day-by-day.

After that I followed my friend advice and changed the way of washing my hair, by taking all the hair behind and started washing them using shampoo and conditioner and my forehead acne stopped visiting me and few pimple I used to get on my cheeks that too stopped. The below picture shows you the correct technique of hair wash.

Because the main cause of the problem was wrong technique of hair wash. So, always you should find out the root cause of the problem. This way you can get rid of the problem. Now, I have a clear skin on my forehead even the spots are not visible. If you have problematic skin like combination or oily then, apply fuller’s earth [Multani mitti]. It decreases the heat level to some extent and keeps oil at bay. Hope, this beauty tip will help you guys.

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