Beauty And Skin Care: What Is Your Skin Type

Hi, Friends

I know most of you already know about the basic skin types. So, don’t worry I won’t bug you today by writing a big and detailed story. This post will help people to determine their skin type. By reading this small post you will have a good idea about your skin type. After getting an idea about your skin you should buy beauty or skin care products according to your skin type which will enhance your beauty.

So, here are the five basic skin types

First wash your face with a good face wash or cleanser. Pat dry. Don’t apply toner and moisturizers to your face keep it bare for 3 hours. Take a piece of tissue or blotting paper and press it onto your face covering all areas like your forehead, outer forehead, nose, cheeks, outer cheeks and chin. Now, do quick check on your tissue or blotting paper and the area it was placed on and determine your skin type and its beauty.

If you don’t face any tight feeling on your face and there are no oil traces on your tissue paper then you have normal skin type and without any hesitant you can consider yourself a normal skin beauty.

Dry Skin:

If your feel your skin as dry, flaky and tight and sometime it itches as well and tissue or blotting paper doesn’t have any oil traces. Then, you are a dry skin beauty.

If you find visibility of oil on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and there are oil traces all over the tissue or blotting paper then, result says you are an oily skin beauty.

Combination Skin:

If you feel oil on your forehead, nose and chin and you have visible traces of oil on some areas while your cheeks are dry then, you’re considered as a combination skin beauty.

This skin type gets very struggling as they react to new skin care or beauty products. The visible results are red, inflamed or itchy skin. You have to work good to find the best product which suits your skin and of course you will turn out to be a sensitive skin beauty.

Soon, I will discuss about the skin care for your skin type. Which will help to achieve that beautiful, young and healthy looking face.